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Once upon a time there used to be a blog called It was featured as one of the top 10 blogs of the country (by number of views) in 2005-06 when there were 10 bloggers in all. Sorry about that joke. That blog however won some awards too. The blog was updated regularly for over 5-10 years with topics ranging from the very personal to the most political.

The blog covered my son’s birth, indepth movie reviews, casual cricket match previews and post views, uninformed political opinions, patriarchal comments on current affairs, half-baked opinions about advances in technology, excited rambling about astronomy, brainwashed insights into the world of spirituality, so on and so forth.

Whatever I wrote, I committed to it. For instance, I once wrote something about Tamil Nadu politics when Karunanidhi was picked up from his house in the midnight by the local police under the Amma rule. I said that it was wrong to do so whatever might have been his crime. Then a whole lot of Amma supporters descended on my blog and told me exactly why they thought otherwise. At one level, I was angry that I was getting brickbats for a casual comment supporting dignity of an old man! At another level, I realized that I had nothing more to respond with. I knew nothing about the issue. So, I googled and read up about the history of Dravidian politics. I couldn’t take back what I had already said (written), but I learnt about a whole new world.

As time went on, the learning about the external world seemed to slide towards being the most useful side effect. The main effect was on my own growth as a person. I began to learn that if I am going to put something out there, then my own opinion was just a window into the issue. And putting just a window out there makes no sense to anyone. And doesn’t add any value to anyone whatsoever. So, I had to understand the various dimensions of the issue and also decide where I wanted to stand on it. It helped me develop perspective.

Perspective is a skill. Anyone can develop it. And the issue with skills is that I needed to work constantly on them to keep them sharp and handy. And this particular skill (a little bit more than any other skill I would argue) changed my life. Got me looking at situations in a different light. And that made me gravitate towards certain kind of work and people. The other thing about perspective is that you can change it and with that everything else also changes. So, I also had to be open about myself.

While moving from* to maybe a technical reason (I lost all my data on that blog), I feel it is also the universe telling me, “Hey, you are no longer that person who wrote then. So why not change everything about it?”. So, here we are. Are you with me in this journey?

*I will try to get this to redirect itself to shortly.

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Thank you so much, Krishna. I am grateful to you, buddy. Still remember how you helped me setup all the versions of my blog including this one! 🙂 Eternally grateful. Please stay connected.


Adi, great to see you back. Look forward to your blogs. Have always enjoyed reading them and exchanging views. May the blogging begin :)!

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