Who am I?

A Jackie Chan movie! Haha!
I am an individual trying to become the best version of myself by carefully avoiding the society’s definitions of ‘best’. Sometimes, I just kick the society’s definitions in its face because it’s fun! Okay now, honestly the definitions are crap! Don’t you agree?

Does that mean I am a non-conformist? Well, I try to think for myself. By myself. And that means I come across as a quiet person. Most times, if I am with you and I am quiet it just means I am trying to listen. By listening, you could end up as a non-conformist! 🙂

I am a bunch of constantly evolving views and opinions. Some of which are dear to me and some that are just there. These are things I value as they communicate my value system and at the same time I try to hold them lightly. So that they can be changed when the right data is received.

To live in India was not a matter of choice. But as I began to understand the world around me, I have come to a realization that the constitution of this country is the book I want to live by. If at all there’s a book I am asked to live by, then that would be it! Go look it up! The first chapter (Preamble) is my favourite!

You must be wondering if I will ever get to the point that this page is about. I don’t know either. It is a question that has bothered generations of people. The answer may not lie within ourselves at the current stage of our evolution. We may need many years to get this answer. Probably more than the 7.6 billion years that the sun will take to engulf the earth. And hence the question shall remain unanswered forever. Despite the number of rebirths I am allotted! 😉

At the least all I can do is let you in on a bunch of letters here in capital letters that I will respond to.